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    Our pastures are year round homes to cattle, sheep, laying hens and broiler chickens. Our animals provide healthy, delicious pastured meats and eggs as well as building rich, biologically active soils in all our pastures and fields.

    Irish Dexter cattle are small, gentle and very hearty, genetically adapted to thrive and raise their calves entirely on pastured forage (www.dextercattle.org). Our fat-tailed, heritage breed of Karakul sheep are also great foragers and excellent mothers. They are a dual-purpose breed, specializing in mild-flavored lamb and a range of wool colors and textures.

    We rotationally graze our herd of cows and flock of sheep through small paddocks, letting them eat forages efficiently without overgrazing. Rotational grazing spreads their manure throughout the paddocks, enhancing soil fertility without any need for purchased fertilizers.

    Our laying hens are a colorful mix of Golden Comets, Buckeyes, Marans and Ameraucanas. The hens’ colors are no match, though, for the browns, rich terracottas and striking blues of their eggs. Their yolks are an amazing, vibrant orange, proof of their free ranging lives! All are excellent foragers, with supplemental grain. Each morning, the chickens are opened from their eggmobile to follow our cows and sheep through the pastures, avidly feeding on grasses, clovers, worms and bugs.

    Freedom Rangers, both red and black varieties make up our broiler chicken flock. As their name suggests, they too are excellent foragers, amply supplementing their diets with plants and bugs from our fields. Each week, we offer fresh 10-14 week old broilers available at market.

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