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    We tend to a mosaic of plantings interspersed amongst our three cultivated acres. Our edible perennial crops include: asparagus, rhubarb, artichokes, blackberries, apples and figs

    As our passions and strengths have developed over the past four years of farming at Sassafras Fork, we now grow only annual vegetables that complement our pastured meats and those that remain solid staples for our family and market customers. Garlic, fingerling potatoes, sugary sweet potatoes, leeks, and a few amazing varieties of onions, including the Italian sweet heirloom from Tropea are our vegetable show stoppers.

    All of our produce is Certified Naturally Grown (insert CNG link), a program rooted from the National Organic Program standards. CNG, a grassroots organization branches further by encouraging and supporting our local, sustainable farming community.

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